zaterdag 24 oktober 2009

Leehee kitchen bin recolors

Tea and coffee Time!

Credits to Shino&KCR for the meshes
recolor of cups, sugarserver,milkserver, coffee/teacan.

download recolors

busy with cake bin

hi, at the moment i'm recoloring billyjeans cake bin, have 4 of them now... will be here soon!
Enjoy your day!

jope bedroom 11 recolor

3 meshes from homesims are included:
3 pillows, bed, sideboard. The big white pillows are the original ones from jope and can be downloaded here
credits to homesims 2 for the meshes!

download recolors

maandag 19 oktober 2009

zondag 18 oktober 2009

Fotoleine recolors

mesh from all4sims is included

simply styling 2 pillow recolors

mesh from Jope can be downloaded here (livingroom nr.8)

Adele's huge poster recolors

mesh can be downloaded here

download recolors

steffor decocurtain nr.2 recolors

mesh can be found here

6 steffor bookcase recolors

mesh can be found here (
download recolors
one recolor isn't pictured!

simplystyling 2 recolor

You need the meshes from bedroom number 10 here
download recolor