zondag 5 december 2010

zondag 28 november 2010


Some pillow and painting recolors

woensdag 10 november 2010

Here you go

Hi, I had a long break.... but I still haven't learn how to make a picture collage :P
So here are a bunch of pictures...................

 I made 4 cassandre pillow, 1 nms set of canvases (mesh here) and 7 from Patricia's ordinal chest recolors(I used the edited mesh Tinkle made, you need that one because it's recolorable)
You can find the mesh for the chest here (it's called ordinal chest fix)
Mesh for the pillow here

And before I forget One teeny tiny lamp recolor 

maandag 13 september 2010

NMS couch, big throw and table recolors

14 Colors from the couch:

7 Table rec:

11 Big throw rec:

I was in heaven was I saw Patricia's new chesterfield set at BPS, so I made a couple of couch recolors and retextured  the big throw (11 retextures) and the table, go get the meshes of this set here
I also want to credit Danielle from BPS, because she was willing to share her wood texture pack to everyone and which I used for the tables, believe me it made it a whole lot easier!

download recolors couch and big throw!

zondag 25 juli 2010

Lots of crap!!

Meshes from fiddledeedee are included, credits to her!

Recolors from Billy Jean's box and file holder, credits to her

Recolors from Billy Jeans endtable, credits to her

woensdag 21 juli 2010

some pastels

Pastel colored furniture this time, blame ariadne at home magazine for it!
The recolors are from the meshes of Birgit 43 (ICEA diningroom commode) and Steffor (luisa bathset), credits to them!!

donderdag 15 juli 2010

next project

Recoloring this chair (and the matching sofa):

made 2 of them already some time ago but gonna release them if I made more recolors.

Enjoy the weekend!

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

nms phoebe rec

 hi here 16 chair,1 fireplaceframe and 1 mirror rec frame Patricia;s phoebe set.
Get the meshes here. 2 chairs aren't pictured, basicely because I wasn't planning to upload them.
There not all my taste but maybe someone else might want to have them, I thought.
(oh and sorry for the shitty chair pictures I made the white wall to small so you can see the grass outside XD)